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Update H/D Rec List Part 8 (U-Z)

Posted on 2008.07.11 at 20:22
New Chapters:

We Are the Champions with Chapter 7 by pir8fancier (NC-17, WIP, ~ 50 pages)

New Stories:

Unconventional by taradiane (PG, ~ 30 pages)

Author`s Summary: 'It was just the result of yet another hasty, poorly thought out decision that he'd made, albeit a wee bit tipsy at the time, that was going to have eighteen years worth of consequences. A consequence that had a name, and ten tiny fingers and toes, but a consequence nonetheless.'

My Summary: Harry and Draco have a child together after a one-night-stand got Draco pregnant. They have been living together for the child`s sake, but when Harry starts bringing a date home and their daughter is at Hogwarts, Draco moves out. But then their daughter gets very ill and both of them spend a lot of time with her and each other at the infirmary. An interfering Hermione who is the new school nurse makes them face some truths about their relationship.

Comment: This story was written for jamie2109 for hd_inspired 2007.

Undesirable No.1 by alexis_sd (R, ~ 29 pages)

Link to the Epilog

Author`s Summary: Draco Malfoy had always respected and protected the Old Ways. That was, until they suddenly interfered with his way of life and his firm abdomen. Now he desperately needed to reason out with Potter or better yet to trick him…

My Summary: When Draco is pregnant from a one-night-stand with Harry, he tries to trick him into consenting to an abortion. But when Harry realizes what is going on, he denies his consent. When the pregnancy moves on, Harry moves into the manor to fulfil Draco`s sexual needs. Somehow they get used to each other and really, Draco gives birth to beautiful babies after all.

Comment: This story was written for charmed310 for hd_inspired 2007.

Unlimited Partnership by rickey_a (NC-17, ~ 38 pages)

Author`s Summary: Divorce sucks even if your gay and your marriage had the sole purpose of producing an heir. His old plan in tatters, Draco begins to formulate a new plan. Harry Potter becomes his partner and Draco is definitely, most definitely, not in love.

My Summary: After his divorce from Pansy, Draco is left as a single father and decides to start an independent curse-breaking business.Harry Potter who is at a loose end at the moment becomes his partner in business and soon in everything.


The Case Of The Last Death Eater by rickey_a (NC-17, ~ 18 pages)

Author`s Summary: Sequel to Unlimited Partnership . After almost a year together, Harry and Draco are swept into a dangerous case. Their partnership both professionally and personally is reaffirmed.

My Summary: After Harry almost gets cursed during a public event, everyone is looking for Rodolphus Lestrange as the main suspect and one of the last Death Eaters whose status is unknown. Greg Goyle makes a deal with Draco and inadvertently sets him on the tail of a cousin in France, Gideon Artois, where is mother who is presumed dead, has stayed for a while during the war before she finally disappeared. Draco starts to investigate on his own and soon is in over his head.

Vale Sanare by rurounihime (NC-17, ~ 45 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco’s world gains a new component, just when he thought he’d sorted everything out.

My Summary: Since the war Draco suffers from violent seizures which make it impossible for him to lead a normal life or even have sex. One day Harry helps him cope with one after he has a beak-down in Gringotts. They bumb into each other again in a gay club and Harry teaches Draco some Muggle methods which might help him. Soon Draco discovers that he is not the only one left with severe injuries from the war, but will he allow Harry to get close to him or throw him out of his life once more?

Comment: This story was written for malachic for hd_holidays 2007.

Vehicular Homicide is Only a Misdemeanor but Arson is a Felony (Unexpected Sparks) by DragonLight / ze_dragon (NC-17, ~ 47 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: Starting over doesn't always mean from scratch. Which is probably a good thing when something sinister is lurking around the corner.

My Summary: After his divorce from Ginny, Harry moved to the United States taking his son Albus with him. Now he is working in the laboratories for the law enforcement agency there. One day there is a new collegue from Britain, Malfoy, who has moved to the US with his son Scorpius as well. The boys become friends and Harry and Draco become closer as well. When a case involving the kidnapping of children gets out of hand, they both have to fear for the lives of their sons.

Comment: This story was written for meri_oddities for hd_holidays 2007.

Volunteers by annafugazzi (R, ~ 107 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: Written for livejournal's Beltane Fic Exchange: Harry, Draco, and a volunteer position that was supposed to be quick and easy. (Now complete.)

My Summary: Because Muggle and Wizard Beltane festivities take place close to each other, there needs to be a Wizarding and a Muggle liaison each year to sort out everything. This year Harry will be the Wizarding liaison and Draco who has been banned from the magical world after the war, will be fulfilling the Muggle position. They both get closer and their sons bond over music, as Draco is now teaching children to sind and directing several Muggle choirs. But will politics and old hate get in the way of their blossoming relationship before it even has a chance to start?


Ember To Ember by annafugazzi (NC-17, ~ 151 pages)

Alternative Link

My Summary: This sequel will accompany Draco and Harry during all the events that will take place during the year following Beltane.

War Wounds by silentauror / SilentAuror (NC-17, ~ 68 pages)

Author`s Summary: Some wounds take longer to recover from than others. HP/DM, with background HP/GW. Themes of alcoholism, love triangles, and dubious fidelity.

My Summary: Harry is working as an Auror and Draco as the leading potions expert for the Ministry. When Harry hears of Draco`s drinking problem, he decides to help him. From there they start a tentative friendship that rapidly moves into much more, while Harry`s relationship with Ginny goes down the drain. But then again, Harry and Draco have always complemented each other and who would better understand their nightmares haunting them from the war than each other?

Welcome To The Broom Closet by incapricious (NC-17, ~ 50 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry thinks he knows how his life will go: Become an Auror. Marry Ginny. Have a family. But then he sees an advertisement in the paper that no one else can see, and his life is turned upside-down. The Broom Closet: you can be anyone you want while you're there, but you won't remember it in the morning.

What Best Friends Do by oceaxe (NC-17, ~ 24 pages)

Author`s Summary: In which Draco plays Cyrano, Hermione plays dumb, and Harry plays the fool. (Post-war, working-together, flangsty UST)

When The War Is Over, You Can Read The Paper by zness (R, ~ 39 pages)

Author`s Summary: Auror Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts to teach and realizes the war still needs to be fought within the castle’s heavily warded walls.

Comment: This story was written for ms_mindfuck for hd_holidays 2007.

Where the Naked Ladies Dance by charlottechaos (NC-17, ~ 21 pages)

Author`s Summary: Alone with Ginny after so many years once the children are away at school, Harry discovers that there's more to himself than he thought, and more to Draco too.

Comment: This story was written for emmagrant01 for merry_smutmas 2007.

Wrecking Ball by incapricious (R, ~ 38 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco's life becomes slightly less intolerable after an encounter with a secret Wizarding society called the Arcane Order of Builders. But the scrutiny of a certain up-and-coming young Auror may ruin everything.

Comment: This story was written for raitala for hd_holidays 2007.

Written In The Stars by novembersnow (R, ~34 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco tries to learn from the mistakes of the past.

My Summary: Harry and Draco go star-gazing and camping with their sons.

Comment: This story was written for incapricious for hd_holidays 2007.

Older Stories:

World's Edge by rurounihime / RurouniHime (R, ~ 44 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: In the harshest environment on earth, Harry finds that escaping is harder than simply running.

My Summary: While watching penguins in the Antarctis, Harry and Draco grow closer to each other.


Update H/D Rec List Part 7 (T) 3/3

Posted on 2007.11.27 at 03:50
New Stories (Continued):

The Perfect Drug by 1lightning (NC-17, ~ 27 pages)

Author`s Summary: In which Draco’s life is shady, Harry is out to save the world from itself, and revenge turns sour.

My Summary: Draco is a drug brewer and dealer. Harry is an Auror sniffing out people like him. To help some of his customers out, Draco agrees to provide a distraction for Harry. But with a history like theirs that`s a dangerous game to play: He might lose his freedom as well as his heart. Featuring lots of coffee, delivery boys, skiing and indestructable jeeps.

Comments: This story was written for furiosity for hd_holidays´ Last Hurrah 2007.

The Pursuit Of Happiness by tehgiantsquid (R, ~ 42 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry Potter has great friends, a job he loves, and a peaceful life for the first time in years. So why can’t he just be happy like everybody else?

My Summary: After traveling around the world for a few yeras after the war, Harry settles down in England again and becomes a wandmaker. Draco is a P.I. And Harry is called on a case by Ron who is an Auror to support Draco. Along the way they not only discover their feelings for each other, but a strange conspiracy that happened during the war and still goes on.

Comment: This story was written for celandineb for hd_holidays` Last Hurrah 2007.

The Road by rurounihime / RurouniHime (R, WIP, ~ 203 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: In the midst of a disintegrating war, Harry awaits the arrival of the Order’s last hope.

The Secret Hunters by 1eyedjack (NC-17, WIP, ~ 22 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco gets a birthday surprise, the Dursleys get an unpleasant surprise and Hermione makes a surprising discovery. Draco spends some quality time in darkness, Hermione puts her breaking-and-entering skills to good use and Ron is emotionally scarred.

Comment: This story has only two chapters and hasn`t been updated for awhile. While I`m not giving up hope and call it abandoned, I just thought that I should better warn you...

The Venice Job by nishizono (NC-17, ~ 62 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry Potter was one of the youngest Aurors in history. He was the Boy Who Lived, and the Boy Who Lived Again. He loved Guinness and Quidditch, and hated pineapple. He wrote letters to Hagrid every Thursday, and on Sundays, he visited Hermione and Ron. Harry Potter was also not gay.

My Summary: Harry and Draco are send to investigate a couple of bank robbers in Venice while having to pretend to be gay themselves and with each other to lure them in. Of course, there really is no need to pretend, even if Harry is deeply in denial...

The World Of The Living by fourth_rose (R, ~ 33 pages)

Author`s Summary: A traumatised war hero and a convicted criminal under the roof of an eccentric journalist make for a rather odd ensemble, but Luna has never had a problem with oddities as long as they make sense.

Comment: This story was written for dragonfly_lily for hd_holidays` Last Hurrah 2007.

There`s Always One More Sheep Around The Corner, Or A Week In Cumbria by coffeejunkii (R, ~ 47 pages)

Author`s Summary: Written for grunhilda's request: Oddly enough, war-worn Harry finds solace among green hills, deep clear lakes and a herd of woolly, sweet, but very stupid sheep. he is also the keeper of a very lovely and secluded B&B (wizard or muggle optional. could be both). workaholic-from-trying-to-forget-Harry and with a secret fetish for women's lingerie!Draco is sent there by interfering!Hermione to "rest his poor misguided nerves". stir, season with pepper and a lot of dreadful weather. Draco has no idea that it's Harry's inn of course. Harry isn't hiding from the Wizarding world, and makes public appearances at grand ministry parties and the like. there should be lots of rainy windows (rain snogging? me loves a good rainsnog), bad cooking (of Harry's) as the chef takes a week off, and knicker lace (on Draco). I want a humorous fic, but not to the point that it's (too) silly. pet names are a squick of mine. no BDSM, but NC-17 wouldn't hurt ;)

Comment: This story was written for grunhilda for serpentinelion` Secrets And Wishes Fest 2007.

There`s Something About Harry by megyal (R, ~ 12 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: Magazine feature articles are commonplace for Draco Malfoy until he manages to get an exclusive on one Harry Potter: rings of fire, binding, charity-work, CHILDREN! Life will never be the same again.

Comment: This story was written for cryptaviscus for hds_beltane 2007.


Update H/D Rec List Part 7 (T) 2/3

Posted on 2007.11.18 at 01:33
New Stories:

Tangled Up In You by enchanted_jae (NC-17, ~ 11 pages)

Author`s Summary: After the fall of Voldemort, Harry and Draco, along with their surviving classmates, return for their Seventh Year. Harry is morose and withdrawn, whereas Draco is indulging in a second childhood. A near tragedy brings them together.

My Summary: One of the best quotes ever: "Potter!" Draco called, relieved that the hero had arrived. "I'm being molested by the giant squid!" Harry, who had begun toeing his shoes off in preparation for braving the kraken, froze immediately. "Er, would you like some privacy?" he ventured. - After Harry has finally rescued Draco from the Giant Squid, he demands Draco`s arse in a school girl uniform as his payment.

Comment: This story was written for confiteor_3 for hds_beltane 2007.

That Veela Thing by empathic_siren (R, ~ 10 pages)

My Summary: Harry and Draco are in a relationship. Draco fancies himself a veela and told Harry that he`s his mate. Harry doesn`t disabuse him of the notion because it keeps his life interesting.

The Business of Saving Souls by rurounihime (NC-17, ~ 55 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco’s world is filled with ghosts, and not all of them are so easily banished.

My Summary: Draco has his own business after the war: Banishing ghosts. He also goes to have a therapy regularly which encourages him to show people his real face again and not just working transformed by polyjuice. Hermione is his probation officer. His new customer is Harry and his house is so full of ghosts and other creatures that require Draco`s work that he is soon moving in with him for a while. And then everything is going downhill from there...

Comment: This story was written for naadi for hd_holidays` Last Hurrah 2007.

The Good Guys by frayach (NC-17, ~ 62 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: The Second Voldemort War is limping into its fourth year, and the Forces of Shining Light are slowly turning into the Forces of Expedient Grey. When Draco Malfoy is captured red-handed trying to sell an illegal potion to a clerk at Borgin & Burkes, he is handed over to the Department of Essential and Necessary Truth’s newest interrogator. And as soon as he sees Malfoy, bound and waiting in his cell, Harry Potter knows he’s in trouble. Deep trouble.

Comment: This story was written for jessicaqueen for hds_beltane 2007.

The Heart Of The Matter by jad (R, WIP, ~ 103 pages)

Author`s Summary: AU ending to HBP. Pairings: various, het & slash, eventually H/D. Aka, one of many takes on What Would Have Happened If Draco Had Lowered His Wand A Bit Sooner.

My Summary: Draco will be brought to Grimmauld Place for his own safety. The house is filling up with more and more refugees as time passes by. Not only Lupin is there, but also Theodore Nott has taken refuge there as a new werewolf. Harry and Draco get along as well as is to be expected.

The Inn by dacro (R, ~ 22 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: Following the conditions of his release from Azkaban, Draco moves into the old Inn turned Probation Hostel, and discovers that life with Officer Potter is radically different from what he envisioned.

The Logic Of Dreams by frayach (NC-17, ~ 46 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: J.K. Rowling meets Philip K. Dick. War hero Harry Potter suddenly finds himself guilty of a murder he hasn’t committed of a man he has never met. And worst of all, he has no means of confronting his accusers, all of whom are former Death Eaters. Could this be a set-up? Or something even worse?

Comment: This story was written for mayflo for hd_holidays` Last Hurrah 2007.

The Majestic Art Of Self Preservation by rickey_a (NC-17, ~ 25 pages)

Author`s Summary: If they can rebuild Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy can rebuild his life. Shockingly, Harry Potter wants to be included.


Update H/D Rec List Part 7 (T) 1/3

Posted on 2007.11.17 at 20:30
New Chapters:

The Loft with Chapter 26 to Chapter 34 by UnlistedPiety (R, WIP, ~ 454 pages)

The Shadow of His Wings with Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 by Mirabella (R, WIP, ~ 667 pages)

Two Playboys on the Pitch with Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 by Professor McKitten / profmckitten (NC-17, WIP, ~ 134 pages)

Sequels / Companionpieces:

To Mad Martha`s / marthas_library`s classic story The Lodger:

1. Caught Unprepared (Harry/other, R-rated – friends-locked)

2. Moments In A Time of War (Gen, PG, ~ 5 pages)

Author`s Summary: Three moments in a time of war.

3. One Moment For All Time [Harry/Draco, PG-13, AU, ~ 9 pages]

Author`s Summary: When change comes, sometimes it takes a little help to keep going.

4. Things That Go Bump .... (PG13, Harry/Draco, humour, ~ 13 pages)

Author`s Summary: Something goes bump in the night at the Neverland shelter.

5. Chipped Off The Old Block (PG, Harry/Draco, humour, ~ 7 pages)

Author`s Summary: Eleven years post-The Lodger and a new generation faces the Sorting Hat.

Older Stories:

The Thin Ice - In the Flesh, One of My Turns, The Trial, Outside the Wall. by saeva / Andrea (PG-13, ~ 23 pages)

Author`s Summary: Life often doesn't turn out how you meant it to.

My Summary: Harry and Draco are in a volatile Not-Relationship, at least Harry doesn`t want to define it. Until Ron tells Harry that Draco would be in Azkaban, if he weren`t his lover and that everyone in the Ministry thinks that he is only Harry`s kept boy. Now Harry is rethinking his stance and tries to change his ways...

To go wherever dreaming goes by nothingbutfic / Abaddon (NC-17, ~ 33 pages)

Author`s Summary: There is also love in the world.

My Summary: When Harry kills Voldemort everyone in the Wizarding World loses their magic. Harry and Draco are leaving Great Britain and move to Australia to study in a college there. While Draco is suffering from seemingly unrequieted love for his room mate Harry, Harry is fucking every girl their is in Australia as it seems. But one party will change it all.


Update H/D Rec List Part 6 (R-S)

Posted on 2007.11.17 at 19:12
New Chapters:

Resolution with Chapter 11 by Frances Potter / dragoncharmer (NC-17, WIP, ~ 738 pages)

Seven Days In June with Chapter 8 to 12 by Fourth Rose / fourth_rose (NC-17, Completed!, ~ 97 pages)

Sequels / Companionpieces:

Seven Days in June - the DVD Extras by Fourth Rose / fourth_rose (NC-17, ~ 10 pages)

Author`s Summary: Extras for my Harry/Draco fic "Seven Days in June" (post-Hogwarts, written before book 7) - deleted scenes, little future ficlets, alternate POVs, and so on.

New Stories:

Scratching The Itch by Samayel (NC-17, ~ 21 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: The Cure for the Post-DH blues! Harry, Draco, Grimmauld Place...and all that one might expect...plus some! (Also...NO SPOILERS HERE!) Enjoy...Love, Samayel

My Summary: When Harry and Draco are forced to spend their time alone at Grimmauld Place during the war, Harry develops a desperate crush on Draco while Draco just teases him all the time. One day when Harry gets especially angry, he hexes Draco with a curse which makes Draco itch horribly for weeks and only be able to get some relief and sleep after he let Harry fuck him.

Sins of the Fathers by blamebrampton (PG, ~ 83 pages)

My Summary: This story follows Scorpius Malfoy from his 11th to his 18th year with a little side dish of Harry/Draco.

Comment: This story was written following the storyline of libby_drew`s 20 Random Facts About Scorpius Malfoy. But is just perfect on its own as well.

Sperm Cow by Anon (NC-17, ~ 34 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco needed an heir and he set his sights on Harry's sperm. Harry just wanted a family. Well, and maybe Draco, too. Toss in a few life debts, a few obscure parental rights laws, and two clueless men who think they have it all figured out, and you have one heck of farce.

Comment: This story was written for alexis_sd for hd_inspired 2007.

Spinner`s End by silentauror (NC-17, ~ 37 pages)

Author`s Summary: The war is in full swing when Harry is forced to spend an unexpected stint in Spinner's End.

My Summary: Harry and Draco seek refuge in a safe house, Spinner`s End. Outside the Death Eaters are waiting and they cannot use magic because that would give them away. After they had some drunken sex, they both leave, but return after a brief stint because there is no bed space in the only other safe haven, St. Mungo`s. But now they are not alone there anymore, as Ron, Seamus and Neville are soon joining them.

Comment: This story was written for jamie2109 for hd_holidays`Last Hurrah Exchange 2007.

Stain of Silence by brummell (NC-17, ~ 59 pages)

Author`s Summary: After the war, Draco serves out his sentence in Harry Potter's house.

My Summary: Harry is with Ginny who is pregnant, but dies in child birth. Draco and Harry grew closer in the meantime and both take care of the child together. But after a public outing everything changes, Susan Bones moves in and Draco is shoved aside.

Comment: This story is very emotional and I suffered so much for poor Draco, but don`t worry, everything will be alright at the end. But keep your handkerchiefs close by when you read this story.

Stirring Of The Serpent by Roses / marcasita (NC-17, ~ 67 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco survives the savageries of war and attempts a new start with the help of the Order, but he finds his dark journey is far from over.

My Summary: During the war Draco is held prisoner by the Dark Lord and tortured excessively. After the war is over, he moves back with his mother into the manor, but Greyback is still at large and out for revenge. After even this new refuge is taken from Draco, he ends up in Grimmauld Place with Harry. Even after they start a love affair, Draco is eaten up by thoughts of revenge and even Harry cannot prevent the consequences in the end.

Comment: Great characterization and an absolutely believable story of suffering and revenge. But not a story for the faint at heart. This is quite acurately labeled as a Dark Fic by the author. So beware!


Update H/D Rec List Part 5 (N-Q)

Posted on 2007.11.17 at 01:32
New Chapters:

Original Sinn with Chapter 6 by The Autumn Star (NC-17, WIP, ~ 144 pages)

Promises to Keep with Chapter 6 to Chapter 10 by Ishafel / ishafel (R, Completed!, ~ 31 pages)

Quality Of Mercy with Chapter 22 by sarahtales / Maya (NC-17, WIP, ~ 408 pages)

Sequels / Companionpieces:

Interlude/Prologue for Paying the Piper II by libby_drew (NC-17, ~ 10 pages)

My Summary: A scene set years before her story "Paying the Piper". It`s about Lucius closing down the mill. Sansa says that it will be important for a possible sequel which she might write one day, when life calms down a bit.

New Stories

Owned by jordangrant / Jordan Grant (NC-17, WIP, ~ 196 pages)

Author`s Summary: The Malfoys have always been owned by the Potters.

My Summary: Because of a spell one of his ancestors put on one of Draco`s ancestors, Draco has to become Harry`s slave or die. Of course, Harry won`t allow him to die and takes him in. While Draco now can`t even remember Harry and much of his past, Harry has to deal with the aftermath.

Phantasmagoria by furiosity (NC-17, ~ 57 pages)

Author`s Summary: There are other worlds beyond this one, but Harry is not looking for them. Far from it: he is only looking for the last Horcrux. Along the way, he meets someone he did not expect and finds a world he didn't know existed. It all sort of goes arse over tea kettle from there. Or perhaps not.

Comment: This fic was written for the reversathon 2007.

Plans Gone Awry by pixystick (R, ~ 23 pages)

Author`s Summary: Sometimes old plots crop up at the worst times. Sometimes those same plots can lead to the most enjoyable of situations.

My Summary: Draco and Harry are training as Aurors. After a training fight between them goes too far, they are assigned to do paperwork until the end of time. But soon they discover that there might be a death-eater hiding in Malfoy Manor and they are leaving there assignment to investigate. But there is still magic left from Voldemort`s time and soon they find themselves imprisoned in a torture chamber together.

Comment: This fic was written for silentauror for hd_holidays`"Last Hurrah" Exchange 2007.

Poetic Justice by scrtkpr (NC-17, ~ 23 pages)

Author`s Summary: In which Peter Pettigrew gets captured, The Weasley Twins get an idea, Harry and Draco get drugged, Moody gets an Eyeful, and everyone involved gets exactly what they deserved.

My Summary: Harry has let it slip to the Weasley twins that he is in love with a co-worker. So they thought they send him specially drugged chocolate as a birthday present - right on the day when he has to interrogate Pettigrew. And while they`re drugged, Harry and Draco can only speak the truth - in rhyming couplets and haiku.

Comment: This story was written as a present for twistedm.

Pret-a-Partenaire by nqdonne (NC-17, ~ 45 pages)

Author`s Summary: Of all the sandwich joints in London, he had to walk into Harry's.

My Summary: Harry and Draco both work at the ministry and Draco is starting to haunt Harry at his favourite places: Pret-a-Manger and Starbucks. Harry finds out that Draco is doing that because Harry is the only wizard he knows that is out and proud and he`s just recently admitted to himself that he might be gay, too. So Harry takes him to a gay club and sets him up with Percy. But, of course, this backfires somehow, as this is a H/D story after all!

Comment: This story was written for floweringjudas for hd_holidays "Last Hurrah"-Exchange 2007.

Promises to Keep by silentauror / SilentAuror (NC-17, ~ 44 pages)

Author`s Summary: Written for The Eros Affair: Harry to Draco: I promise to go down on you. H/D, DH spoilers.

My Summary: Harry and his sons meet Draco and his son on the playground. When they shake hands, they both experience a strange bolt. Ginny wants Harry to go down on her, but he finds that disgusting. That`s why he cannot ask her for a blow job, even if he really would like one, because that would be unfair. Draco and Harry meet again in a pub on Dean`s birthday which leads to a mutual wank session in the loo. Although Harry fights it, he just cannot resist Draco and Draco has no qualms about going down on him either. And soon they are having a clandestine, but passionate affair which might change both their lives irrevocably.


Worth Keeping by SilentAuror / silentauror (R, ~ 8 pages)

Author`s Summary: Sequel to Promises to Keep. The Epilogue, as re-told through this universe. DM/HP.

Older Fics:

No Room by annella (NC-17, ~ 49 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco's stuck at Grimmauld Place. Where everyone's getting laid but him. Drama, romance, action, PLOT. O_O

Comment: But, of course, having to shack up with Potter will soon solve this predicament of his....

New Chapters:

It Always Rains with Chapter 16 to 21 by winnett / winnettsfics (R, WIP, ~ 187 pages)

New Stories:

In Which Harry Potter Discovers A River In Egypt by kestrelsparhawk (NC-17, ~ 49 pages)

Author`s Summary: A missing roommate, a mysteriously familiar male prostitute, murdered Muggles, and an angry boss are all making life difficult for Auror Harry Potter. And that’s before he discovers that the reason he’s avoided having girlfriends for three years is not only because he doesn’t like publicity.

Comment: This story was written for fireelemental79 for hd_holidays`"Last Hurrah"-Challenge 2007.

Inter-House Tongue Sessions by Roses / marcasita (NC-17, ~ 13 pages)

Author`s Summary: Back for his seventh year, Harry won't be satisfied until he gets what he wants from Malfoy.

My Summary: All Harry wanted was an apology from Malfoy, but on the way to it he started enjoying the means to get it far too much. And then Malfoy`s arse tasted much better than Ginny`s lips...


Inter-House Tie Symposium by Roses / marcasita (NC-17, ~ 16 pages)

Author`s Summary: Away from the distractions of school, Harry and Draco channel their energies.

My Summary: This time Draco and Harry meet in a room in the Three Broomsticks to live out their fantasies with each other. And, hell, if both of them aren`t quite kinky!

Leave Your Field To Flower by emmagrant01 / Emma Grant (NC-17, ~ 30 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: Draco Malfoy is like all the other Survivors of the disaster -- except for one called Harry Potter.

My Summary: Voldemort has set a spell that upon his demise everyone in the Wizarding World will promptly forget everything that was before. The only one left to remember is Harry. When meeting Draco and several others in a Muggle therapy session, he starts to convince Draco about him being a wizard and to let him into his pants.

Comment: This story was written for luci0logy for hd_holidays`"Last Hurrah"-Challenge 2007.

Men of Leisure by Psyche (M, ~ 19 pages)

Author`s Summary: After nearly a decade of war, Harry finds a drinking partner and friend in Draco Malfoy. But when Draco inexplicably begins following him, Harry finds it harder and harder to conceal deeper feelings for his friend.

New Chapters:

Damaged with Chapter 21 by mayushi / Maayan (NC-17, WIP, ~ 156 pages)

Draco's Boy with Chapter 26 to 31 by empathic_siren (R, Completed!, ~ 411 pages)

Dream that the Gods are Good with Chapter 35 and Chapter 36 by mahoganyhandle / Laurence Ashton (NC-17, WIP, ~ 147 pages)

Drop Dead Gorgeous with Chapter 5 by sarahtales / Maya (R, WIP, ~ 107 pages)

Gay Aurors with Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 by charlottesometimes / charlottechaos (NC-17, Completed!, ~ 253 pages)

Sequels and Companionpieces:

The Way We Get By by sarahtales / Maya (NC-17, ~ 101 pages)

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Official Time-Line for „Drop Dead Gorgeous“ and „The Way We Get By“

Comment: This is a companionpiece to the first 5 chapters of "Drop Dead Gorgeous" told from Draco`s POV.

New Stories:

Going Home by auto (NC-17, ~ 56 pages)

Author`s Summary: A desperate attack sends Draco to a place he could never imagine, and he embarks on a journey he never thought possible.

My Summary: After the final battle Draco is hit by a curse and thrown into a fairy ring as a desperate measure. Suddenly he finds himself at Hogwarts 13 years in the past and has to live through those years again with a different identity as a teacher in Hogwarts trying not to change the future and find his way back home to Harry.

Comment: This story was written for alaana_fair for hd_holidays` "Last Hurrah"-Challenge 2007.

Hedge of Thorns by earthquake (NC-17, ~ 79 pages)

Author`s Summary: A sensitive young tutor. A gloomy manor. H/D slash in the alternate universe of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. This longer and more torturous version has twice the Tragic SecretsTM of the original.

New Chapters:

Before Peace with Chapter 22 to 30 by furiosity (NC-17, Completed!, ~ 248 pages)

Sequels and Companionpieces:

Cursed Confessions by kabal42 (NC-17, ~ 19 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry has an unlikely job in an even more unlikely place. But when he's hit by an unknown curse, the person to help him is, perhaps, the most unlikely of all.

Comment: This story was written as a remix of annafugazzi`s story Confession is Good for the Soul for hd_remix 2007.

The Department of Misused Muggle Artifacts by Aoife Malfoy / aoifene (NC-17, ~ 6 pages)

Author`s Summary: It’s just another day at the Department of Misused Muggle Artifacts.

Comment: This story is set in her Coeur De La Mer-Universe.

New Stories:

Bad Company by furiosity (NC-17, ~ 20 pages)

Author`s Summary: Throughout the war's duration, Harry had imagined a lot of things about its end. Just not this.

My Summary: Draco is working as a spy for the Order and Harry is his contact. They meet in the Shriking Shack, but soon they`ll do much more than just exchanging reports.

Bad Faith by jad / JaD (NC-17, WIP, ~ 256 pages)

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary: Four years after Dumbledore's death, Draco Malfoy shows up on the doorstep of number twelve, Grimmauld Place looking for Harry Potter. Torn between his selfish cowardice and his family's pride, Draco finds himself alone on a battlefield and has nowhere else to turn; and Harry has to learn that sometimes you don't put up walls to keep other people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

Bed & Late Night Snack by grey_hunter (NC-17, ~ 87 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry goes after his head, Draco has his own agenda, and something is lurking in the dark - same old. But there is a point when even history refuses to repeat itself.

My Summary: Harry is working as an Auror and living with Ginny, even after their friendly break-up. Malfoy is a petty crook and sells information to Harry. But suddely Harry falls from grace when he tries to solve a big conspiracy which even involves arresting the MoM. Now there is an assassin on his heels and he needs Draco to help him get out of this mess.

Be-loved and Be-elved by fireelemental79 (R, ~ 52 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry suddenly finds himself the recipient of a number of love letters, which appear mysteriously on his desk at W.W.W. Inc., Fred and George’s magical gag factory. Is it just coincidence that they start to show up shortly before hiring Draco Malfoy as a new product tester? Or has Harry’s life simply taken a turn for the humorous now that he is in the middle of some great romantic conspiracy? And what part, if any, does Dobby play in the ever increasing mess that is Harry’s romantic life?

Business As Usual by nishizono (NC-17, ~ 25 pages)

Author`s Summary: This is the tale of how Harry Potter rescued Draco Malfoy from an existential crisis, wherein Draco is a chav, Ron's sexual orientation is questioned, Snape takes points for the abject abuse of alliteration, and our hero is prone to random tourettic fits in the middle of the Great Hall.

Bywyd Ar Mawrth (Life On Mars) by nqdonne (NC-17, ~ 62 pages)

Author`s Summary: When former Death Eater informants start turning up dead, Auror Harry Potter must take star Daily Prophet reporter (and owner) Draco Malfoy into protective custody.


Blas ym Fy Ceg (the Queen Bitch Remix) by shikishi (R, ~ 5 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco is bored, irritated and horny as hell. If Potter won't do anything about it, then he'll just have to take matters into his own hand.

Comment: This story was written for hd_remix 2007.

Catch 22 by jad (NC-17, WIP, ~ 79 pages)

Author`s Summary: As if NEWTS weren't enough, Dumbledore's gone and had another one of his 'bright ideas.' If all ends well, the Houses will be getting along in no time. Or according to Harry's correspondent, an Apocalypse will be in order. Featuring pirate songs, Polyjuice potion, several wanks and an unhealthy amount of erogenous musing.

Crossing the Canal by tsosh / MushroomAnn /Shroomann

Alternative Link

Author`s Summary 1: Harry is trying to find himself and Draco is trying to hide away. An unexpected meeting in Amsterdam teaches them that the past is nothing but water under the bridge, and that sometimes, what you need most is just a bit of bad luck.

Curiosity Doesn`t Always Kill by lotrwariorgodss (R, ~ 25 pages)

Author`s Summary: When Harry mysteriously returns to Hogwarts with a son and a new attitude, everyone seems to know more than Draco, and that is most definitely not on.

Older Stories:

Beautiful World by Cinnamon (R, ~ 156 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco is afraid of living and Harry is afraid of dying, but sometimes the choice isn't offered. Draco's got to learn what it is to really live, while showing Harry how beautiful the world really is when you're not too scared to see it.

Comment: This is one of the saddest stories I ever read, beautiful as the title says, but not for the weak at heart. So consider yourselves warned!


Update for Part 1 of my H/D Rec List

Posted on 2007.10.20 at 20:57
This is an update for the first part of my H/D rec list, meaning all fics, new and with new chapters that start with the letter A. Hopefully, I will be able to update the other seven parts one after another during the next weeks. I`ve finally given up on the plan to wait until I`ve read all those stories I`ve only book marked and didn`t have the time to read yet. And to make a comprehensive update. I just don`t have the time and the number of fics I`ve collected for my rec list has grown unmanageable!

New Chapters:

A Mile of Revelations with Chapter 23 by femmeferret (R, WIP, ~314 pages)

ab epistulis with Chapter 12 by cornmouse (R, Completed!, ~ 157 pages)

New Stories:

A Growth Experience by oceaxe (NC-17, ~ 14 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry has to share a room with Malfoy. Malfoy exhibits an unhealthy interest in Harry's love life. Ginny overhears a suspicious conversation. Things get more complicated from there.

Comment: Like the author, I think I should warn you that this story contains a threesome involving a girl and two boys. But even if you usually don`t read het, try this one, because it is good despite it.

A mix of snow and petals by el_em_en_oh_pee / dulosis (R, ~ 12 pages)

Author`s Summary: It's been two years since The Incident, and Harry still hasn't gotten completely over it, still can only get by day-to-day. Enter Draco, who will do anything to reestablish his name in the Ministry and the Wizarding World...

My Summary: After Hermione has died two years ago, Harry has taken over working for the House Elf Protection Committee and Union. One day Draco Malfoy marches into his office to publicly donate money to improve his reputation. Soon he also invades Harry`s perfectly miserable life...

A Year`s Temptation by lomonaaeren (NC-17, ~ 235 pages)

Author`s Summary: Draco isn’t best pleased to discover he’s a Veela at twenty-four…especially since both he and his mate, Harry Potter, are married. Harry suggests a compromise that may work, if everyone agrees. But the compromise is fragile, and stands a distinct chance of only making everything worse than before.

and your damage done by twistedmiracle (NC-17, ~ 31 pages)

Author`s Summary: How was it that being grown up had once seemed exciting and desirable?

My Summary: After Albus and Scorpius become friends, the Potters and the Malfoys get closer, too. Harry and Malfoy regularly meet for a round of Quidditch and a beer or two in a pub. Harry`s about to be in a midlife-crisis and when the opportunity offers itself, he starts a passionate love affair with Draco. But what will happen when there secret ever gets out?

Are You There, God? It's Me, Draco by floweringjudas (NC-17, ~ 48 pages)

Author`s Summary: Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they're gay teachers. It makes sense in context.

My Summary: Harry and Draco try to find out about a strange ritual and soell that someone sinister may be up to execute. Draco needs to read a lot of more or less philosophical and religious texts for clous while pretending to be in a gay partnership with Harry.While working undercover as teachers in Hogwarts they get more than one surprise in the course of things.

Comment: This story was written for calyxess for hd_holidays "Last Hurrah"-Exchange 2007.

Ask The Sea For Answers by owens_mom (R, ~ 34 pages)

Author`s Summary: Snape has a little too much champagne at Harry and Draco's wedding, and spills the beans on their complex courtship to a curious Remus Lupin.

My Summary: And its a trilogy about Draco helping Harry to kill Voldemort in the first part, Harry visiting Draco in prison in the second one and how Harry drags Draco onto his sanctuary on the Scilly Islands to see, if he might still have a chance with Draco in the third.

Comment: This story was written for nomeci for hd_holidays "Last Hurrah"-Exchange 2007.

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